An Adventure Journey

Exploring the trails of the world in a 4WD

Why ‘once in a lifetime’ if you can do it again?

Our 2013 overland trip to Central Asia was such an inspiring and valuable experience, that new plans started to take form already on the way back home. We both love what we do, our lives, friends and family. But the idea of once again living out of a little house on wheels has not left our minds ever since we first tried it. Roaming the fields and mountains, discovering new places, spotting wildlife and learning about all the beautiful people and traditions in the world; there’s just too much to explore!

The old Pajero

At times fiercely hated, but mostly deeply loved as this obstinate car was our house, our kitchen, our bed, our shelter and our curious people magnet on an amazing overland trip to Central Asia in 2013.

Tomek & Suzanne

Both eager to find out more about this crazy globe by navigating a self-sufficient house on wheels to distant places. With a love for driving, people, food and untouched nature, we make a pretty good explorers team.

The new Landcruiser

After an extensive car-hunt, we imported this 2008 HZJ78 Troopy into Poland. With a new overland adventure in mind, we started the transformation of the bush taxi in May 2016.

Travel makes one modest.

You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.


Tales about wonderful encounters, great adventures and the tough roads along the way